When Do You Need a Recovery Drink?

For a lot of people, a workout or training session is incomplete until they have consumed a powerful and healthy recovery drink. It was not always like this. Initially, recovery drinks were more popular among bodybuilders. However, with time, gym-goers started discovering the benefits of recovery drink then they, too, made it a part of their gym routine.

Today many people consume recovery drinks, but how many people know ‘when do they need it?’ In this article, we have answered this question in detail. But let’s first talk about why is this drink good for you.

What does a recovery drink do?

As the name suggests, the purpose of a recovery drink is to help your tired and fatigued muscles recover fast. It mainly contains carbohydrates, proteins, and electrolytes. Getting these nutrients in your system encourages the skeletal muscle recovery process, and it also strengthens them.

Exercise has many advantages, but muscle soreness, fatigue, and tiredness are its general side effects. By consuming a recovery drink, you actually allow your fatigued muscles to get the nutrients they need to repair.

Many studies indicate that the main ingredient of recovery drinks (whey protein) rebuilds muscles, decreases muscle soreness and improves their performance. Not only that, but it also helps with muscle growth and strength. In a review, researchers compiled the results of several studies. They concluded that weight lifters who took grass fed whet protein supplements noticed more muscle size and strength compared to those who did not take it.

When do you need a recovery drink?

You need a recovery drink after having strength training or a workout session (better to have it within 45 minutes after the workout). It is required when your body has spent its proteins, carbs, and electrolytes, and it needs to restore these nutrients so that it can get recovered from the damage done during exercise.

Your body loses many electrolytes through sweat during a workout. Restoring their level is important because they are involved in many important functions, such as helping muscles to perform their functions.

Similarly, your muscle fibres get damaged during exercise. Your body has to repair them so that muscles start functioning again. Your body needs protein to boost the muscle recovery process and stimulate the synthesis of muscle protein.

Now let’s talk about carbs. You need carbohydrates after a workout in order to increase your energy level and reduce muscle exhaustion. Your muscles consume most of their energy molecules during the workout. So, when you provide them with carbohydrates, you actually provide them with the raw material required to make energy molecules.

In short, it is important to take carbs, proteins, and electrolytes within 45 minutes of working out so that your body can have the normal levels of these molecules again.

The bottom line

You need a recovery drink after a workout so that you can restore the levels of spent molecules. Experts believe that it is better to consume it within 45 minutes after exercise.

So don’t forget to take your recovery drink next time you go for strength training!

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