Resurge Supplement Reviews Does Resurge Really Work?

Some people who are dieters face the problem of steady weight after a certain stage of dieting, so completing the diet becomes useless, which causes frustration and avoiding it accordingly from going on any diet or resorting to other unhealthy ways to lose weight, such as following nutrient-free diets. The essential body needs.

In this Resurge Supplement Reviews article, we will show the reasons for the stability of weight during dieting, in addition to some tips to solve this problem. Causes of constant weight during dieting The body is accustomed to the diet used in the diet.

Lack of exercise. Slow metabolism (metabolism), which is the process by which food is converted into the energy that the body needs to perform its daily functions and activities.

The older person is on a diet, which reduces the rate of weight loss, as the process of demolishing and building inside the body is faster for younger people.

Incidence of some diseases, such as: diabetes, hypothyroidism, constipation, water retention, and near menstruation.

The ratio of muscle in the body to fat and grease. If the muscle index is large, the rate of burning of energy is greater than if the index of fat and fat in the body is more. Lack of necessary vitamins.

Starving the body and denying it to food. This forces the body to store food in the form of fat in the body for fear of starvation and with the aim of using this stock when energy is lost.

Solving weight fastness during dieting Be patient first and be convinced that losing weight is not far off. The change from the diet followed by making three quarters of the meal vegetables and fruits, especially those rich in fiber, this would reduce the calories entering the body with a full and full notice. Avoid exposing the body to hunger by eating vegetables and fruits between meals such as: celery, cucumber, apples, broccoli, red pepper and green tea.

Adding citrus fruits and vinegar to the various salads in order to slow down the digestion process and reduce the possibility of food turning into fats, in addition to helping to purify the body of toxins and burning fat.

Eat whole grains, such as oatmeal and brown bread.

Eat omega-3 foods like fish and nuts to break down deep fatty lumps in the body. Exercising continuously and regularly.

Treating diseases if they are discovered, such as hypothyroidism or diabetes. Providing the body with the necessary amounts of vitamins and minerals, especially vitamins B7, B8 and magnesium.

Reducing the percentage of calories entering the body and increasing the rate of physical activity for the elderly.

Being overweight is one of the most common problems facing obese people, causing them despair, frustration and slackness. The problem becomes more complicated when a person follows a diet and is unable to download his weight or download it at low rates and then stabilize it, and not losing weight due to many reasons.

Sometimes the usual ways to lose weight do not work, so people resort to other methods such as taking drugs or performing stomach reduction and liposuction operations, and all of this has many side effects, so it is better to know the real reason for not losing weight and then treat the cause to be able to gain the required weight.

The process of stabilizing weight and not going down is a normal and normal stage, which is a phenomenon known as the phenomenon of weight stability and often lasts between four to six weeks from the journey of dieting and this phenomenon has many reasons and there are many ways to overcome it and know the reason for the body’s lack of response to the diet.

Reasons for not losing weight

The presence of disorders in the secretions of thyroid hormones. The body is allergic to some types of food, which leads to an increase in the production of histamine, causing fluid to leak from the blood vessels out of the cells, and causing fluid retention in the body.

Women have polycystic ovaries and as a result the ovaries secrete hormones that increase body weight.

Eat more salt, which leads to fluid retention in the body and not to lose weight despite dieting.

Psychological fluctuations, depression and frustration.

Not sleeping enough hours, which leads to a disturbance in the body’s performance in consuming energy, increasing body fat storage and not losing weight.

Following a Leptoconnect Supplement diet without exercising and not doing physical activity in support of the diet.

Increase the intake of dairy products and their derivatives in the diet, as dairy has an effect on the hormone insulin, which leads to weight loss.

Suffering from extreme stress and tension during a diet and a reaction in the body that increases or stabilizes weight, accompanied by hormone imbalances that lead to an increase in fat storage and an increase in the body’s resistance to the hormone insulin.

Irregular eating of meals and poor timing and remaining more than five hours without food, which leads to a slowdown in the metabolism in the body.

Body resort to increase muscle mass versus lowering fat, in this case the body weight does not decrease, but its appearance improves and becomes more tight.

Following a very harsh diet and exaggerating the amount of meals reduces the rate of burning food in the body, entering the metabolism process in an inactivity state, and reducing energy production and consumption of calories by the body.

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